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We respect ourselves and those around us. We don't like wasting our time, life, or energy. We understand the value of debate, contrast, and opinions. We allow everyone to have their perspective.

“How a person responds to disagreement indicates the condition of his heart."


Genuine Integrity, Authenticity, and Growth

We value our reputations, well-being, friends, and professional connections. We protect ourselves and those we love. Honor your word; keep promises, be transparent; meet deadlines and expectations- don't let others down. We think big. We demonstrate our commitment to our goals and ambitions.


Humble. Diverse, and Action-minded

We have opinions; this group was born from individuality and appreciation for variety. We appreciate anyone who has the desire to grow AND performs the actions to design their success. We don’t care where they are from, how old they are, gender, or ethnicity. We all appreciate the growth from struggle and making mistakes. We believe actions speak louder than words. 

Bold Confidence

We believe that healthy self-esteem is imperative for success and the result demonstrates bold confidence. We encourage ourselves and others to speak up, collaborate, and share their authentic identities with us. 

Fun and Radically Distinctive

We believe enjoying what you do and how you do it is as important as the technical skill. We believe you should build your thumbprint into everything you do. We allow space for everyone to be who they are and what feels right for them. We encourage each other to laugh, play, and not take themselves too seriously. Success doesn't matter if you didn't enjoy the journey along the way. 


Mission: To Help Winners Win More- Inspire. Connect. Grow.

  • To build a community of ambitious professionals and experts who enjoy developing their skills, sharing their experiences, telling their stories and seeking to positively impact other people. 

  • To create meaningful connections.

  • To support leaders on their journey.


We are: a social group of genuine networkers, high-performers, and leaders of the Denver community. 



Be Kind and Courteous

Respect Everyone’s Privacy

No Hate Speech or Bullying

Don’t Interrupt

Everyone’s Opinion Counts

Be Honest With Ourselves and Each Other

Be Open To Ideas

Listen Effectively

Offer Your Ideas regardless how “off” it seems

Ownership of the Rules

Protect Each Other

Show Up

Be Consistent

Do Not Slander

Always Uplift or Say Nothing at All

Every Problem is an Opportunity to Teach or Learn

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