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Great Minds Unlimited™ Program

Life Coaching Program for Aspiring Business Owners


The Great Minds Unlimited Program™  works for anyone who wants to: 

  • balance your life while starting and growing a business 

  • make a switch from a 9-5 job into your own business centered around your passion or skills

  • learn the hard and soft skills of entrepreneurship from one comprehensible program

  • avoid the common mistakes that destroy businesses within the deadly 3 year startup

  • understand the 5 basic components to any business

  • attract the right customers and increase revenue for your business 

The Great Minds Unlimited Program™ will help you:

  • Optimize your time and focus 

  • Design a custom game plan for your business

  • Network like a Master despite social anxiety

  • Understand the main components of every business

  • Learn how to generate sales by connecting with the right customers

  • Understand the online tools that are available to help you automate and grow

Lower the Learning Curve

Make Wise Decisions Towards Building a Successful Business


The Great Minds Unlimited Program™ 

  • Assigned coach and regular 1:1 coaching sessions- schedule according to your needs, don't worry about limited # of sessions.

  • Lowers the learning curve of the complex dream to start and grow a successful business

  • We host our program with SKOOL™ which combines a private community with a user-friendly classroom

  • Gamified learning process with leaderboards and prizes

  • Inspirational Texts delivered to your cellphone to maximize your motivation

  • Recorded group sessions for replays, VIP networking events, and in-person event discounts for members

  • Customized tracking journal for you and your coach to ensure accountability

The Great Minds Unlimited Program™ : 

  • 12 modules with 33.5 hours of life changing content (100 lectures)

  • 17 hours of step-by-step instruction for hard skills relating to building a business and time management

  • (1) custom business plan with the guidance of the program and your assigned coach

  • (1) goal tracker spreadsheet

  • Daily inspirational text messages tailored to your specific goals

  • Guides covering the main components of every business: sales, marketing, operations, legal, finance, human resources.

Focus Matrix

The #1 most effective way to channel your energy into your goals

Upward Spiral Method

Proven method to stay optimistic while pursuing big dreams

Get Unstuck With Your Goals


Screen Shot 2023-12-11 at 3.13.05 PM.png

Covered Topics:

You are not crazy and there is nothing wrong with you. You are likely trying to make a mindset shift from an employee into an entrepreneurial mindset, which isn't easy. We help you change the chaos into organized thoughts by explaining the difference so you can  make faster decisions.As you learn about yourself (your brain, your vision, your habits, etc.) you will understand why others struggle and make faster progress. 

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